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A worldwide Association and conference facilitating the sharing of knowledge about the understanding and treatment of addiction


Addiction resources

On this page you will find links to other websites which contain information related to addiction treatment/medicine/research. Each link will open in a new window. Global Addiction is not responsible for the content of these websites.

Downloadable Resources
Addiction Journals
SmokingCigarette smoking in the United States
Dangers of Smoking Quiz
Effects of Smoking on Your Health
Quit Smoking Community
Quit Smoking Community
Quit Smoking Meter | Quit Plan
Smoking and Cancer
Smoking and Heart Attack Risk
Teens and Smoking
The National Cancer Institute
Tobacco Statistics & Facts
Treatment ResourcesAddiction Center
Alcohol Demotivator - Abbey Care Foundation
Alcoholism Treatment - Ultimate Guide to the A.A. Big Book
CAST Recovery Services (US)
Choosing the Best Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Center
Defective Drugs and Medical Devices
Detox to Rehab
Drug and Alcohol Detox
Drug Rehab Connections
Ferguson Behavioral Health Counselling
Freedom from Drinking
Iboga Experience - Detox
Kool Living Recovery Center
Malpractice Center
Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator
Internet AddictionBroadband Expert
Technology - Internet Addiction
Substance Abuse31 Most Harmful Drugs
5 Unexpected Benefits of Sobriety
Addiction Prevention and Keeping Kids Off Drugs
Addiction Studies Institute Website
Americas Meth Problem - Waters Edge Recovery
Beyond Hangovers: Understanding Alcohol’s Impact on Your Health
Beyond Hangovers: Understanding Alcohol’s Impact on Your Health
Dr Howard Samuels
Drug Addiction Explained
Drug Addiction Revealed (PDF)
Drug Dangers
Effects of Illegal Drugs on the Heart
Infographic - How Long Does Meth Stay In Your System?
International Overdose Awareness Day
Intervention: Help a Loved One Overcome Addiction
Is Drug Addiction a Brain Disease?
Legally Dead, exploring the epidemic of prescription drug abuse
Pennington Institute
Protecting Your Child From Drug Use and Abuse
Psychobiology of Drug Addiction
Quit Alcohol
Seeking Drug Abuse Treatment: Know What to Ask
Steps 2 Rehab - Alcohol and Drug Rehab Treatment
Swim Back to Health: The Guide to Aquatic Therapy for Recovering Addicts
Teen Drug Evolution: A Parents Resource Guide
The National Relapse Hotline
The Secrets to Helping an Alcoholic Family Member or Friend
This handy guide provides a detailed outline of what you can expect during an alcohol detox programm
What is Drug Abuse?
EducationAccredited Online Colleges
Consumer Dangers
International Bipolar Foundation
Gambling AddictionCare for the Gambling Addicted
Dealt A Bad Hand: Gambling Addiction
Dilemma of Pathological Gambling (PDF)
Discussion on Gambling Addiction
Gambling Issues
Gauge your gambling (University if Windsor)
National Council on Problem Gambling Website
Problem Gambling and Brain Disease
Problems with Gambling
Recovery Connection - Gambling Addiction Treatment
The International Gambling Conference
Self-HarmAll About Self-harm
Factsheet on Self-harm (PDF)
Self-harm in Kids (PDF)
Self-harm in Recent Years (PDF)
Self-harm Resources
Self-harm that’s Purposeful (PDF)
What about Self-harm?
What’s a Self-harm Response Plan?
ShoppingIs Compulsive Shopping an Addiction? Or Is It a Bad Habit?
General Addiction LinksAddiction Resource
American Addiction Cente
American Psychological Association
American Society of Addiction Medicine
Dealing with Porn Addiction
Determining Food Addiction
Drinking Alcohol and Pregnancy
Drug and alcohol training
Drug News
International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking - 26th June - College Campus Addiction Resources
Nail Biting
Nutrition and Food Addiction
Public Health Resources on Addiction
Research Institute on Addictions
Science of Addiction
Shopping Addiction
The Consumer Justice Foundation
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
UNODC World Drug Report 2013
Video Game Addiction

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