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Global Addiction 2018

A worldwide Association and conference facilitating the sharing of knowledge about the understanding and treatment of addiction

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Global Addiction 2018

Addiction in a Changing World

Global Addiction Association is looking to build year on year on the conference content.  Addiction is a broad based topic and it is difficult to cover all aspects thoroughly, however each year we attempt to create some structure for the conference programme.

Global Addiction is looking to review the scientific and clinical aspects of Addiction. Underlying mechanisms, clinical consequences, treatment options, epidemiology, etc are all important in this regard.  New treatments are emerging which could result in huge changes in the way people live their lives - taking a drug to reduce alcohol intake levels is a very different approach and we would like to review this option.  New therapies are emerging for overdose, and some of the co-morbidities of addiction.  Dual Diagnosis is becoming better recognised.  In addition, the conference will review societal and policy initiatives which are shaping the way countries deal with addiction problems, and review the successes and failures at that level.  The following list outlines the main topics that are usually covered by the invited Keynote Speakers:

1.      Access to treatment - policy, detox & maintenance

2.      New psychoactive substances

3.      Comorbidities – eg. HIV & Hep C

4.      Pain management, legal medications and addictions

5.      Medical use of cannaboids

6.      Opioids update

7.      Alcohol

8.      Prisons & criminality

9.      Managing overdose

10.    Gender issues

11.    Self help

12.    Drug legislation in Europe and beyond

13.    Policy, Society, Trafficking (including Population Migration) and Governmental issues

The so-called 'novel’ addictions such as video game addictions, sex addiction, designer/club drugs, prescription drug addictions (eg. Opioid pain killers, sleeping pills, NSAIDS etc), gambling, cosmetic addictions (eg. amphetamine for weight loss, cosmetic surgery etc) continue to be of importance… and submissions on these topics will be well regarded for the conference, however as ever, any topic relating to addiction will be reviewed and can be included in the programme.

The committee will review and accept submissions on all these topics in creating the programme for a three day conference.  To join the committee please email with a short summary of your area of interest.  Please be sure to state which conference you are interested in. 

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